12 Facts About Jake O’Callaghan

1. I live by three words: mindset is everything. Everyone’s route to success is different, but every successful person has the right mindset.

2. I’m a lone wolf. I keep a small circle because most people aren’t worth my time.

3. Since I was young I knew I wasn’t happy living a typical life. I knew I needed to follow a different path.

4. I started my first website at 13. It’s full of typos, the design is awful, and the writing is poor, but I was damn proud of it at the time. I spend hundreds of hours working on it. It’s been visited over 200,000 times. I now pay the bills solely through making money on the Internet.

5. I dropped out of college my first year. I had easily gotten accepted into UGA and decided to “give it the old college try” since it was free. I thought college was bullshit, and going there for a year didn’t change my perspective. I hate school, and I don’t need a degree. Partying, doing drugs, and fucking girls was fun though. Being deeply confused as to who I was, having no purpose in life, and being depressed wasn’t. Best and worst year of my life.

6. I was recently diagnosed with Crohns disease. It’s a terrible disease. I’ve been out of commission for 6 months and lost all of the muscle on my body. I slept 20+ hours a day and often could barely sit up when I was awake. Finally starting Remicade to (hopefully) get my life back .

7. I become a “pro” writer at 13. I sold my first article on Twitter for 33 dollars (400 words). I wonder how the person who bought and used the article would feel if he knew the author was in middleschool?

8. I tore my ACL in both knees, fucked up my hip, and tore the tendon connecting my hamstrings (still messed up so I haven’t played sports in years). I spent much of high school rehabbing injuries and trying to get back to playing soccer. I barely got a chance to play and my chance to play in college/pro where destroyed. I love soccer so it sucked. My friend and I used to train for hours on a daily basis. He’s in Chile now, trying out for pro teams.

9. Fiction writing is my best skill – by far. I’m focused on money right now (fuck being a starving artist) but when I get financially secure, I’m going to focus 100 percent on a novel. I published a short story to 4 star reviews on Amazon, but I took it down because I’m not satisfied with it.

10 I read a lot. My favorite novel is For Whom The Bell Tolls.

11. Normal people call me “asshole” or “douchbag.” I must be doing something right.