2014-10-02 07.50.52We’re all scared of suffering.

Some men think that if they avoid pain they will avoid suffering. They make themselves feeble and do what they’re told because it’s the “easy,” painless path.

“Easy” is a mirage. People chase it but their lives are painful and hard all the same.

Being human is painful and hard. We are fragile.

There is no easy. Everyone is fighting a war.

Most people flee rather than fight. Fleeing doesn’t work. The shots keep coming.

Fleeing and fighting are both painful so fighting is the right choice.

Fighters win the battle and enjoy the fruits of victory.

What is suffering?

I’m more scared than most but I don’t fear pain.

So what am I scared of?


I will suffer if I don’t live the way I want and achieve the things I want.

Regret is real suffering. Believe me, I’ve been through great pain.

Some days I’d be on the floor writhing around and tearing my hair out, but the whole time I was thinking “Will I recover from this? Will I still be able to become great?”

The mental pain was twice as bad as the physical. Why? I was scared I would die with regret. The physical pain was terrible but it wasn’t real suffering.

Real suffering was wondering if my life would be a waste.

Why You Must Bleed

You must bleed in order to see what’s possible. You must bleed in order to achieve. You must bleed to discover who you are.

Warriors bleed. They feel pain but they do not suffer. You must be a warrior if you want to truly live.

There is no way around it. Blood is in your veins and you must spill it.

Otherwise you will feel regret, real suffering.

The punishment for sin is death, the punishment for comfort is regret.

Life begins when you start bleeding.

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