Your online business needs a blog.

Without one, you’re throwing money away.

I’ve seen blogs triple traffic and increase conversion rates by 20%.

They are the gigantic missing piece in your online marketing strategy.

But there’s a big problem…

Blogging is hard.

It takes years of dedicated effort to master the skill.

If you try to create the blog yourself or outsource it to someone with little experience you won’t see any success.

That’s where I come in…

I Create Blogs That Get Results

I started my first blog in 5th grade. To date, it has over 1 million page views.

I became a professional freelancer at age 13 when I sold my first article to a magazine.

I started guest blogging for huge blogs including Tiny Buddha, Blogussion, Life Optimizer, Envanto, and The Change Blog in high school. I also read multiple successful blogs I started myself.

In high school I was a high admirer of the blog Zenhabits. Zenhabits is one of the most successful blogs of all time. It was even mentioned in Time Magazine.

Leo Babatua, the founder of Zenhabits, gave me his blessing to work on Zenteen, the teenage version of zenhabits. He was impressed and linked to it multiple times.

At age 18 I abandoned a full scholarship at the University of Georgia to pursue freelance writing and blogging full time.

I’m 23 now. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to ghostwrite for 100s of clients.

I’ve also created multiple blogs that get 1000s of views everyday and make passive income every month. I’ve sold blogs for over $15,000.

All this bragging has a point:

I was born to do this. Blog writing is my calling in life.

I have years of experience.

I know what gets results.

I can create a blog that gets traffic and makes money.

If you’re interested in working with me, contact me below: